PDA lane-occupied parking management system solution

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    City lane-occupied parking management system ” which thought the handheld intelligent PDA terminal, computer, data system, based on modern network broadband technology to realize an intelligent, information, scientific,  rigorous, efficient, standardized management platform for city road lane-occupied parking lit and vehicle.

     City PDA Lane-Occupied Parking Management System mainly consist of hardware, software and peripheral system.Hardware consists of charging and inspection terminal  PDA、backstage application server, data server, manage computer、cable and 3G wireless 3G networks. Software contains charging and inspection terminal application software and city PDA lane-occupied parking backstage system. Peripheral system contains GIS system,guidance system、public security system, monitoring system, single system and so on.

1、Parking charging\Inspector PDA Terminal 

         Main characters: strong integration, various functions, great system compatibility, stable construction, large memory, dustproof and anti-drop design, and faster operation speed than similar products . 
   Main functions: thermal print, GPRS\EVDO\WCDMA, WI-FI, Bluetooth, 3 MP autofocus camera(support real-time license plate recognition), RFID(13.56Mhz Type A/B, PSAM, 2.4Ghz), GPS, external video capture and SD card could support 32GB max. It's in IP54, CCC, Housing & construction ministry's certification, support bus IC card, powerful battery life and capacity, rich interfaces to facilitate the secondary development, and the system language can be customized. 
      1, High configuration---CPU, RAM, ROM, the configuration is much higher than the similar products in the market. 
      2, Integrated thermal printer: it is ease to use for collector for high speed of printing and responding, carry easily, portable design and low cost for repairing and maintaining. 
      3, The display is visible under strong light: 3.5 TFT semi-permeable and half-reflect touch screen assure that the content on the screen could be seen clearly under strong light.
      4, Powerful battery capacity: 7.4V, 3000mAh battery assure all functions could operate normally and provide the stable power for built-in printer.
      5, Dustproof, waterproof, anti-drop functions: this device has passed IP54 and 1.5m falling test. It has enough dustproof, waterproof and anti-drop functions. 
     6, Loud audio: High power speaker helps collector to do the charge operation by voice prompt. And that would help a lot for toll collectors who has poor eyesight and at low education. 

1、Easily operation & Unify:As for "standard  equipment " of toll collector, can print check in and out parking time list and final statement. Decrease and prevent parking fees lost, standardize charging, and avoid toll collectors fraud. 

2、Standardize charging &transparency:charging standard、check in、check out time、vehicle type、license plate number、toll road、receivable amount and paid amount、complain calls and so on information can clearly be shown on the charging receipt. If could be, can print invoice for reimbursement credentials in some areas.

3、Security parking safety and clear responsibility:system can realize parking damage evidence(by take pictures) to avoiding dispute caused by parking damage and at the same time ensure the car safety and clear responsibility

4、Escaped fees recovered & Civilization parking:System will automatically delimitthe license plate number to blacklist if this car owner not pay parking fees, nd fled the fees automatically accumulated, and can check detailed records of consumption and related phoyos through system. Sytem will automatically remind driver to pay the fees when they parking in the parking lotof the system.
5、Security police and traffic police work together: parking lot charging terminal collects vehicle’s information and real-time compare with city traffic management skynet, DWV, and police enforcement data to find out fake plate, pirates steal, invalid, accident escape, not yearly check, illegal, involved and so on vehicles and in time assist police low enforcement, and support  automatically identify vehicles to allow it free parking.
6、Real-time convenient reminder &people-oriented service: when vehicle come in or out, the parking charging terminal will print receipt and toll collector will remind of driver some information, such a:  lock the doors,  keep valuable, pets and children, not yearly check, weather and so on. Data statistics, collection and analysis: realizestatic traffic analysis, provide decision support for traffic management,and further to provide management and decision basis for traffic scheduling command, traffic control and traffic optimization.
7、Low investment&Flexible operating:Generally, each terminal control 10-15 parking spaces, or even more when not busy; if need  change the parking spaces as city planning need, just need move the devices, simple modify backage set, easily complement and without cost.  
1、Dali, Yunnan province PDA lane-occupied parking management system
2、Chengdu, Sichuan province PDA lane-occupied parking management system
3、Changde,  Hunan province PDA lane-occupied parking management system
4、Xi’an, Shangxi province intelligent parking management system (support use city general card)
5、Chunan county, Zhejiang province road parking charging management service system
6、Nanchang, Jiangxi province temporary lane-occupied charging management system project
7、Xiangyun, Dali City PDA lane-occupied parking charging management system project
8、Shenyang, Liaoning province PDA lane-occupied parking charging management system project
9、Jinhua, Zhejiang province PDA lane-occupied parking charging management system project 
10、Taizhou, Zhejiang province PDA lane-occupied parking charging management system project 
11、Sanming, Fujian province PDA lane-occupied parking charging management system project 

     With the Car Parc increase rapidly, traffic problems, such as: traffic jam, difficult-to-park, disorderly parking, accident dispute, safe, environmental pollution and so on increasingly serious, specially “difficult-to-park” has become a "bottleneck" restricting the development of city’s economy and society. How to improve the traffic situation and solve the problem of difficult-to-park has drawn high attention of governments at all levels and related leaders, also has caught people's great concern.

    Unified planning, optimization and management od urban road, traffic and parking, fully research city parking resources specially scientific and reasonable development road lane-occupied parking resources, and through reasonable charging for road parking provide efficient, convenient, and orderly service for whole city’s traffic and parking to improve traffic jam and difficult-to-park problems.

    With the help of modern high-tech means, especially using the modern information technology and "urban PDA lane-occupied parking management system“ combined with the application of Internet of things to realize the lane-occupied resources, toll collector and vehicle efficient management, and charging all lane-occupied parking fees. That meet the demand of the trend this great age.

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