PDA & barrier joint control parking management solution

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System Constitution

  This system consists of wireless intelligent handheld terminal, barrier, wireless control board for barrier, no-contact IC card and backstage management system. 


  Wireless handheld terminal is used to type-in and check the information about the vehicles in and out, telecontrol the barrier open and close, read the no-contact card, count the time and fee of parking, and at the same times upload all kinds of data to backstage server by 3G net. 
  Barrier gate is used to control the access of vehicles, prevent unauthorized vehicles in and out, receive the signal from induction coil and check if the vehicle has finished automatically lifting according to induction coil. 
  Barrier gate wireless control board is used to receive telecontrol signal and control the barrier  gate lifting. 
  No-contact IC card is used to storage the information of vehicles and the time of entrance and exit etc.
  System's main functions
1,To issue the card to drivers and enter license plate NO and time in card;
2,To identify by photographing and automatically enter license plate NO.(optional function);
3,To print barcode as the proof of entrance and scan the barcode to charge.(optional function);
4,Print entrance information and reminder slip when vehicle comes in, and print the parking time  and payment receipt when vehicle goes out.;
5,Telecontrol the barrier gate to lift after inputting information and permitted entrance, fall automatically after vehicle entrance and prevent the vehicle from hit. ;
6, Telecontrol the barrier gate to lift after charge the parking fees, fall automatically after vehicle out and prevent the vehicle from hit. ;
7,To take back the card when car is leaving, read the card data, then automatically calculate the parking time and fees.;
8,To identify automatically and deal with all kinds of cards: oversize vehicle card, common vehicle card, special vehicle card, member vehicle card, internal card and prepaid card etc.;
9,Log in the background through inquire terminal can set the parking charge rate by region, vehicle types or time interval.;
10,The background contains perfect access control function;
11,Querying fees charge situation by time interval, toller, region and parking site.;
12,Querying one by one when vehicle comes in and goes out and parking fess by license plate No.;

System working process
Vehicle entrance process
  At the entrance of parking lot, there is a toll collector who hold a wireless handheld intelligent terminal issues IC card to drive When the car comes in. (the toll collector will do some related operation on the card so that  the card will storage the corresponding data, such as the time of entrance, the license plate NO etc. important information). Then the driver takes the card away and keep it. This IC parking card will be as the only evidence for charging and releasing when he leaves. 
  After issuing card, the signal of telecontrol will be sent out automatically. The system of telecontrol will control the barrier gate to lift, then the car entrys to management area. Meanwhile, wireless handheld intelligent terminal will record the useful information.
      The flow chart is as below:


The process of exit
  When leaving the parking lot, the driver needs to show IC card to toll collector. The collector will  use handheld terminal read the information in the  card and calculate the fees, show the receipt to driver, and then after driver's confirmation, the collector charges the fees and release the car out. 。
  After taking back and swiping the card, the signal of telecontrol will be sent out automatically, the barrier gate lift, then the car leaves the management area. Meanwhile, the PDA will record the useful information. 
  The flow chart of exit is as below:


Wireless handheld intelligent terminal


   Main characters: strong integration, various functions, great system compatibility, stable construction, large memory, dustproof and anti-drop design, and faster operation speed than similar products . 

   Main functions: thermal print, GPRS\EVDO\WCDMA, WI-FI, Bluetooth, 3 MP autofocus camera(support real-time license plate recognition), RFID(13.56Mhz Type A/B, PSAM, 2.4Ghz), GPS, external video capture and SD card could support 32GB max. It's in IP54, CCC, Housing & construction ministry's certification, support bus IC card, powerful battery life and capacity, rich interfaces to facilitate the secondary development, and the system language can be customized. 

         1, High configuration---CPU, RAM, ROM, the configuration is much higher than the similar products in the market. 
         2, Integrated thermal printer: it is ease to use for collector for high speed of printing and responding, carry easily, portable design and low cost for repairing and maintaining. 
         3, The display is visible under strong light: 3.5 TFT semi-permeable and half-reflect touch screen assure that the content on the screen could be seen clearly under strong light.
         4, Powerful battery capacity: 7.4V, 3000mAh battery assure all functions could operate normally and provide the stable power for built-in printer.
         5, Dustproof, waterproof, anti-drop functions: this device has passed IP54 and 1.5m falling test. It has enough dustproof, waterproof and anti-drop functions. 
         6, Loud audio: High power speaker helps collector to do the charge operation by voice prompt. And that would help a lot for toll collectors who has poor eyesight and at low education. 

Vehicle Entrance & Exit Control Barrier
  The straight pole electric barrier gate uses the connecting pole reducer which characters include simple construction, stable operation, manual operation when is power cut, lifting automatically, convenient installment, use and maintenance, safety, reliable and attractive appearance etc. It is the ideal barrier gate for street, bridge and parking lot. The main performance and characteristics of this item: use crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism which reduce malfunction, noisy, and pollution and maintaince-free. High sensitivity magnetic susceptibility and limit control system; Low voltage DC control, safe, reliable and spacing accurate; Long pole barrier gate is with special device which it could be manual when it is power cut off and lift automatically; Special balance mechanism keep up the pole lifting smoothly to be vertical and horizontal to fall down. Non constant speed operation could remove the stopping when it is lifting and accelerate the speed. Customers could select this barriers gate system by themselves. 


Barrier gate wireless control board

  Barrier gate wireless control board could be matched with any other factory's barrier gate. If it is matched with the remote transmission module of Bouwa's wireless handheld intelligent terminal, it could telecontrol the lift and down by wireless handheld intelligent terminal and have the fellow characters:
   Manual button could do the operation for "lift", "down" and "stop". Wireless control could do the operation for  "lift", "down" and "stop" and it can operate the manual buttons on the "lock and unlock". Barrier gate board will unlock automatically and operate manually when it is power cut off. 
   It has the self inspection mode which is useful for maintaining and adjusting.
   Barrier gate board could select the optional vehicle detection sensor which has the function of dropping automatically after vehicle passed, anti-tamp and lifting the barrier when the vehicle rushes. 
   Barrier gate board could select the optional ceiling which is special for road charge and two pairs of traffic lights on the passageway.
   Barrier control board could select the optional isolation line driver and connect to the communication interface of serial barrier gate control board on computer RS232-C, which has abundant underlying control and returning status instruction, so that charge system microcomputer could control the barrier gate completely. 
   It adopts software traps and hardware watchdog's single chip microcomputer control. So, it will never crash. 
   It adopts hall electromagnetic induction components to do the stroke control, no-contact work, so it will never wear and shift. 
   Barrier gate control board adopts photocoupling, no-contact, zero conduction technology, so the mainboard is no-spark, anti-interference and high reliable.
   It adopts overtime operation and overheating motor protection to prevent the barrier from abnormal damage. Also it adopts mechanical limit switch to do the power-off protection. The wide range single-phase power supply input (160V-260V) is suitable for terrible outdoors road charge environment.
   It adopts optical isolation cluster communication port whose isolation voltage is over 1500V to assure the safe of microcomputer and realize high reliable communication which could resist the vehicle spark and the other strong electromagnetic interference.

No-contact IC card
  This system adopts Mafire 1 IC card which includes 16 sections. Every section has 4 pieces. Every piece has storage space with 16 bytes. It can be configured as large vehicle card, small vehicle card, special vehicle card, member vehicle card, internal card, pre-paid card etc. And the rest sections could be used for attendance and access control and the other functions. 

Background management system
Parking charge management
  Take the subregional differential settlement timing charging which can  in seconds to timing parking time; Handheld terminals can send information such as parking fee in a timely manner to the background management center. Built-in smart rate table download the handset to the corresponding area by management center according to the price standard unified through wireless network (GPRS or 3 g network). Parking management can only enter the license plate number and other information, can check but can't change rate, undertake vehicle entry operation, berth inventory, to avoid disorderly charge, fees lost and so on other man-made factors. Parking payment using handheld terminal automatic billing which ensures the charge fees open and transparent and  bringing great convenience for traffic and the commodity price departments take advantage of price leverage, using subregional and stepwise timing charging mode to realize reasonable urban dynamic traffic flow adjustment.
On-line monitor
  Collect parking information, statistical analysis the parking information through the electronic map and special analysis software and provide technical support for reasonable allocation of parking resources and parking guidance, great convenient for masses to choose parking lot.
Report statistics
  Through the parking information statistics to obtain various reports which you need , such us:  parking lot income statement, operator income statement, blacklist statistics, the inspector records and so on. 


Widely applicable: can be widely used at ordinary residential, commercial outlets, bustling downtown and so on any of the enclosed parking lot in and out of the vehicle management.
Easily carry: handheld POS machine is very convenient to carry, and it's performane flexible.
Easily construct:  just need install barrier (including straight rod and remote control), induction coil and sensor, equipped with PDA / barrier telecontrol receiving control panel, don't need to set up the special computer room, ballot boxes and other facilities. And the whole construction is simple.
Low cost: the whole cost less.

Weishan county, Dali PDA barrier control parking charging management project

  Along with the development of modern society, vehicle, as a transportation tool keeping up with the pace of transportation industry not only on types and grades, but also strides into common family in large city quickly. So, parking management has been mentioned on the agenda no matter from the perspective of public transport safety or from the angle of security agenda.。

  Parking management system is a useful assistant tool for vehicle management. However, the current parking system in the market more easily be accepted by large & medium sized parking lots or a few top-grade intelligent residence communities than common residence community, business site and commercial center, this is because of large equipment, complicated construction, expensive building cost, lots of employees and huge expending and so on.

      Based on these reasons, Bouwa researched a serial of handheld vehicle charge management system according to the current barrier system and handheld devices. This new system which is suitable for all kinds of places to manage the vehicle and which has so many advantages, such as portable devices, needless construction, easy operation, stable performance and cheap building cost etc. 

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