PDA & Sensor parking intelligent management solution

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          Automatic billing system (electronic tag payment mode), the user no need any operation.But the user must abide by the "convention" business model, namely if the user want to enjoy the system automatically parking billing service, need to register first, then can enjoy the service.

         Automatic billing system process: parking space detector sensing a car parked, parking management platform real-time record the parking start time, user driving away, parking management platform real-time record end time, calculate the parking time and cost, deduct parking fees on the user account, send user remind messages.


1、Parking charging/ Inspector PDA terminal


   Main characters: strong integration, various functions, great system compatibility, stable construction, large memory, dustproof and anti-drop design, and faster operation speed than similar products . 

   Main functions: thermal print, GPRS\EVDO\WCDMA, WI-FI, Bluetooth, 3 MP autofocus camera(support real-time license plate recognition), RFID(13.56Mhz Type A/B, PSAM, 2.4Ghz), GPS, external video capture and SD card could support 32GB max. It's in IP54, CCC, Housing & construction ministry's certification, support bus IC card, powerful battery life and capacity, rich interfaces to facilitate the secondary development, and the system language can be customized. 

1, High configuration---CPU, RAM, ROM, the configuration is much higher than the similar products in the market. 
2, Integrated thermal printer: it is ease to use for collector for high speed of printing and responding, carry easily, portable design and low cost for repairing and maintaining. 
3, The display is visible under strong light: 3.5 TFT semi-permeable and half-reflect touch screen assure that the content on the screen could be seen clearly under strong light.
4, Powerful battery capacity: 7.4V, 3000mAh battery assure all functions could operate normally and provide the stable power for built-in printer.
5, Dustproof, waterproof, anti-drop functions: this device has passed IP54 and 1.5m falling test. It has enough dustproof, waterproof and anti-drop functions. 
6, Loud audio: High power speaker helps collector to do the charge operation by voice prompt. And that would help a lot for toll collectors who has poor eyesight and at low education. 

2、Magnetic car sensor


    1、Parking space detection accuracy above 98%

    2、Small size shape, do not affect pedestrians, traffic and road landscape

    3、Easily install , do not destroying subgrade waterproof layer

    4、Self-checking and reset function, can effectively preventvarious kinds of interference, such as: the constant magnetic and alternating magnetic and so on.

    5、Wireless communication function, andequipment can normal communication if water height below 5 cm 

    6、Built-in anti-interference communication mechanism, has the unique ID number.

    7、433Mhz SensorNet Ad-hoc network communication protocol

   8、Support wireless parameters settings without open device

   9、Automatic correct background magnetic field

  Performance index:

   1、Solar energy combined with lithium batteries, product lifespan can reach more than 3 years

   2、Radio-frequency output power:≤20dbm

   3、Power dissipation: ≤30uA(Static),    ≤30mA(average, when work)

   4、Communication distance:≤120 meter

   5、Operating frequency:2.4-2.48GHz,430.050~434.790MHz

   6、Receive sensitivity:≤-82 dBm


   8、Storage temperature:-40℃~85℃

   9、Protection grade:IP65


  11、Installation: fixed on the ground by M6 screw

  12、Crush resistance:≥10ton

3、Base station

    1、Easily precise finish sensor or card reader data access
    2、Accurately and timely to upload the data communication
    3、Use solar batteries, at least 3 years don't need to change the battery
    4、Communication distance:≤120meter
    5、Self-checking and reset function, and on-site equipment access, commissioning and related management functions
    6、Supporthardware module replacement, ensure that quickly and easily complete equipment maintenance and fast net work 
    7、Support wireless parameters settings without open device

   Performance index:
    1、Protection grade:IP65
    2、Communication distance: In the actual urban road environment, communication distance with sensor no less than 100m
    3、Operating frequency:430.050~434.790MHz,825~885 MHz,1.920~2.125GHz
    4、Receive sensitivity:≤-82 dBm
    5、Management of parking space number:≤50个
    6、Working temperature:-20℃~70℃
    7、Storage temperature:-40℃~85℃
    9、Data security: wireless digital encryption function
    10、Communication module: Support one of telecom, mobile and unicom network data module connects with background
    11、Power: Solar batteries can normally workingmore than 10 days in continuous rainy weather, solar battery lifespan not less than five years
    12、Network communication mode:Support redundant multiplex communication transmission

4、Automatic vehicle-mounted label

    1、Use ISM 2.4 GHz dedicatedtraffic short-range communication protocol 
    2、Have carrier detect awaken mechanism, guarantee the low static power consumption
    3、 Pre-loaded SAM security access unit based on public key infrastructure PKI technology 
    4、DES and 3 DES calculation support the identity authentication and information security communication
    5、Built-in anti-interference communication mechanism, has the unique ID number.
    6、Large capacity lithium battery, life for three years or more, belongs to the monolithic RFID card
    7、With a high sensitive tamper detection circuit
    8、Ultra-thin compact, vogue and concise appearance

    Performance index:
    1、Construction Features :IP65
    2、Operating frequency:2.4-2.48GHz
    3、Receive sensitivity:≤-82 dBm
    4、Communication distance:≤10米
    5、Working temperature:-20℃~70℃
    6、Storage temperature:-40℃~85℃
    7、Vibration:Meet GB2423.10
    9、Storage lifespan:Data storage lifespan over 10 years

1, Automatic and convenient: Driver do not need to do any operation when parking, system aotumatically calculate time and billing

2,Transparent charging: System send text messages to label binding mobile phone number every time when driver parking. Massage contents include: binding license plate number, parking time, park road and fee standards. After cars left, text messages include: binding license plate number, parking atart time, parking time, parking road, parking fee and account balance and so on.

3, Various billing: label billing can enjoy various preferential, such as VIP discount pricing, monthly charge, road segment charging, time period charging, etc.

4, Automatic warming: System will automatically send warming massage to driver when not sufficient funds and remind driver recharge ASAP.

5, Low cost: No need too much manpower cost

6, Fund returned: Label sale and label recharge can return part of money for customer.

7,  Complete data, the system automatically generate all kinds of record and produce all kinds of statistical reports regularly for the customer to check and analysis.

8, Syatem security: System will be to identify the legitimacy of the car label when parking.

9,Unique Identity: vehicle-mounted label can bound with license plate number and phone number, also can bound with ID number.

10,Good compatibility: System can combined automatically billing with manual toll collection

11, Flexible extend: System can provide rich interface docking with external systems, such as intelligent transportation command center, urban GIS, SMS, police skynet, etc.

   1、Sanming, Fujian province PDA lane-occupied charging management system project

   2、Dali, Yunnan province PDA lane-occupied charging management system project

   3、Nanchang, Jiangxiprovince PDA lane-occupied charging management system project

   4、Xiangyun county, Dali city province PDA lane-occupied charging management system project

     With the Car Parc increase rapidly, traffic problems, such as: traffic jam, difficult-to-park, disorderly parking, accident dispute, safe, environmental pollution and so on increasingly serious, specially “difficult-to-park” has become a "bottleneck" restricting the development of city’s economy and society. How to improve current traffic situation and solve the problem of difficult-to-park has drawn high attention of governments at all levels and related leaders, also has caught people's great concern.

     Unified planning, optimization and management od urban road, traffic and parking, fully research city parking resources specially scientific and reasonable development road lane-occupied parking resources, and through reasonable charging for road parking provide efficient, convenient, and orderly service for whole city’s traffic and parking, so that improve urban traffic congestion and parking difficulties will become the inevitable demand.

With the help of modern high-tech means, especially using the modern information technology and "urban PDA lane-occupied parking management system“ combined with the application of Internet of things to realize the lane-occupied resources, toll collector and vehicle efficient management, and charging all lane-occupied parking fees, meet the demand trend of the great age.

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