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             1:Centralized parking management system

             The system consist of Vehicle registration recognition subsystem、data transfer subsystem、control subsystem、information issue subsystem and management subsystem.

2、Temporary centralized parking management system

     The system consist of wireless intelligent handheld terminal、 barrier、barrier wireless control plate、contactless IC card and backstage management syatem.

Vehicle entrance process

   At the entrance of parking lot, there is a toll collector who hold a wireless handheld intelligent terminal issues IC card to drive When the car comes in. (the toll collector will do some related operation on the card so that  the card will storage the corresponding data, such as the time of entrance, the license plate NO etc. important information). Then the driver takes the card away and keep it. This IC parking card will be as the only evidence for charging and releasing when he leaves. 

  After issuing card, the signal of telecontrol will be sent out automatically. The system of telecontrol will control the barrier gate to lift, then the car entrys to management area. Meanwhile, wireless handheld intelligent terminal will record the useful information.

Vehicle exit process

   When leaving the parking lot, the driver needs to show IC card to toll collector. The collector will  use handheld terminal read the information in the  card and calculate the fees, show the receipt to driver, and then after driver's confirmation, the collector charges the fees and release the car out. 

   After taking back and swiping the card, the signal of telecontrol will be sent out automatically, the barrier gate lift, then the car leaves the management area. Meanwhile, the PDA will record the useful information. 

   3、Chamber charging management

  Chamber charging management business flow chart

Main interface function

4、PDA property diapatch list management

Service management is an important part in property enterprises, property dispatch list system divide service reeipts into thress catagories: engineering maintenance, service complaints and sales complaints, respectively realize process management, such us: engineering maintenance business processes: "service - > dispatch workers - > order execution - > owner confirmation - > review - > archive", according to the score of owner, customer service and project,the system automatically generating performance review sheet, which engineering personnel to improve the service efficiency and service quality.

                Property dispatch list management process

Wireless handheld intelligent terminal

         Main characters: strong integration, various functions, great system compatibility, stable construction, large memory, dustproof and anti-drop design, and faster operation speed than similar products . 

         Main functions: thermal print, GPRS\EVDO\WCDMA, WI-FI, Bluetooth, 3 MP autofocus camera(support real-time license plate recognition), RFID(13.56Mhz Type A/B, PSAM, 2.4Ghz), GPS, external video capture and SD card could support 32GB max. It's in IP54, CCC, Housing & construction ministry's certification, support bus IC card, powerful battery life and capacity, rich interfaces to facilitate the secondary development, and the system language can be customized. 

1, High configuration---CPU, RAM, ROM, the configuration is much higher than the similar products in the market. 
2, Integrated thermal printer: it is ease to use for collector for high speed of printing and responding, carry easily, portable design and low cost for repairing and maintaining. 
3, The display is visible under strong light: 3.5 TFT semi-permeable and half-reflect touch screen assure that the content on the screen could be seen clearly under strong light.
4, Powerful battery capacity: 7.4V, 3000mAh battery assure all functions could operate normally and provide the stable power for built-in printer.
5, Dustproof, waterproof, anti-drop functions: this device has passed IP54 and 1.5m falling test. It has enough dustproof, waterproof and anti-drop functions. 
6, Loud audio: High power speaker helps collector to do the charge operation by voice prompt. And that would help a lot for toll collectors who has poor eyesight and at low education. 


Barrier wireless control plate

Contactless IC card

     This system adopts Mafire 1 IC card which includes 16 sections. Every section has 4 pieces. Every piece has storage space with 16 bytes. It can be configured as large vehicle card, small vehicle card, special vehicle card, member vehicle card, internal card, pre-paid card etc. And the rest sections could be used for attendance and access control and the other functions. 

LED Display screen

   Vehicles check in and out and charging information LED screen、empty parking space information LED screen and display control device of vehicles release system. After the vehicle identification subsystem receive the vehicles in and out and have chargedinformationwhich will be released on LED screen near the entrance, and thendata transmission subsystem will transmit the information to management system toprocess the data, obtain the residual parking spaces rest information, release the information on the LED screen.

Backstage management system

Existing problems

Centralized management system corresponding solutions

Fees lose for  One card used by many cars

Use of license plate recognition technology,binding one license plate with one card

Toll collector may fraud cause fees lose

Using the technology to let manager can query all vehicles out and in records and corresponding billing information in the background, supervise toll collector

Driver parking many days, deliberately lost card to avoid charges

Through the license plate recognition technology recognize license plate to check vehicle entry time even if the card is lost

Currently equipment technology is not advanced, without long distance identify the entry function

Add advanced passive remote electronic tag identification technology, can long-distance identification vehicles, and meantime prevent the current general active remote electronic label power by battery which existing battery failure defects

No connectivity information causes community parking information management and regulatory loopholes, and may lead to the safe hidden trouble on the management

 With the help of a 3G wireless  all devices access group virtual local area network (VPN), ensure safety and at the same time realiz the connectivity and central control, improve the management level

 Club cherging by artificial timing or frequnency, membership, integral management is chaotic

 Through the custom PDA chamber charge management system, let the club service project into the charging management system, intelligent billing for club service and connected to the centralized management system to supervise

Agile centralized management platform

      With the popularity and deepening development of modern city residential area in our country, people put forward higher requirements for the property service, on the other hand, as intelligent community information construction goes deeper, the use of network and computer information centralized management has become the new domain of property management services to realize differentiation competition. In order to better serve the owner, now domestic many strength, vision real estate company successively planning of "all-in-one-card" mode, enables the owner convenient in and out of the parking lot and entrance guard and conveniently commercial space consumption within the community, expand more services, to improve its property management informationization level, finally enhance the brand influence, get a good market feedback.

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