PDA lane-occupied parking charge management project in Yunlong county, DaLi city

date:2014-12-30 tag: source:BOUWA

    (YUNLONG TODAY  reporter ZhangQi He)   From 1st April, the parking spaces in county's road will be charged by time.   

    "Difficult-to-drive", "Difficult-to-parking", "Difficult-to-manage" on the urban road are not only the hot spots and issues which are concerned popularly by many citizens, but also the sore-point for traffic management department. What is more, it is the very important job which is attached importance by leadership in county government. In order to solving those threes problems effectively, government had invested more than 2 millions to install 242 sets traffic mark in several county roads, plan 652 parking spaces and establish a set of parking charge system. 

    The parking charge will start from RenMin road and WenBi road. Then, it will spread to the other roads like Hushan road, Huanbei road, Yanjiang road,Xinyun road and development zone. It is charged by CangLong security company, the charge time is from 8:00 to 20:00 a day, standard will be checked by Development and Reform Commission. Free parking within 10 min and free parking on Sunday. 

    All above is a general implementation of Yunlong lane-occupied parking charge management. According to the need of Yunlong parking charge management system project and the actual situation and future development, Bouwa taking advantage of PDA charge system、inspection system and parking charge management system, based on the platform support of timely dynamic information transmission system , realize the promotion and transition for informatization, scientific and intelligentialize parking charge system, successively realize the effectiveness of ordered parking、reasonable charge、traffic guidance and information resource. Rely on Bouwa's parking charge informatization management system to customize the lane-occupied charge informatization management system solution for Yunlong county in Dali city. 


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