Return to original point of sample value Create a new situation for Bouwa

date:2014-12-30 tag: source:BOUWA

   In order to unearthing completely the demonstrative value of sample city in the aspect of domestic road parking management, increasing the level of customer service and creating a new situation of Bouwa's market, all the Bouwa peoples held an institution about "new sprint + new breakthrough, fight for 30 days, return to original point of value" in the head office in SZ on 25th July, 2013. 

    In recent years,  in the field of China intelligent traffic, specially in lane-occupied parking management field, Bouwa people had carried out PDA lane-occupied parking management system which is which is the new pattern suitable for modern city lane-occupied parking management in more than 10 cities in China by revolving around the core value of "Customer Supreme、Employee Value、Shareholder Return、Social Contribution" and  insisting on the business Philosophy of "Open、Cooperation、Fair、Challenging、Pragmatic and Innovative", the PDA lane-occupied parking management system now is carrying popular attention and Bouwa has become a veritable industry benchmarking.  Under the new trend of market, in the background of national 12th five-year plan of intelligent traffic and guidelines of national strategic new industry, Bouwa will focus on Intellectualized, Normalized and Sustainable Global Parking System firmly, accelerate the speed of copying the successful sample city, continue to consolidate continuously the good momentum of development of being the first place in market share in the aspect of China road parking management system and provide higher quality products and more professional service for customers. This becomes the important value origin of Bouwa people. 

    On the institution, all the Bouwa peoples were aroused and the voice of oath is unceasing---"Be stationed, dream-true, solicitude, gratitude", "Since we choose Bouwa, we will be responsible for it till the end", "believe in your choice, believe in what you believe, believe in your power , you could beyond yourself and conquer the world", "fight for 30 days, dig customer's value,  transcend yourself! be alive in the future world, respect technique, respect expert, create a company with the guidance of special customer value and let everyday fresh and powerful. 

    The institution was ended in the voice of impassioned and serious oath. However, Bouwa people will keep their oath in mind and transform it to action positively. I promise: we will prospect to be first brand in China lane-occupied parking management and shoulder the mission of Intellectualized, Normalized and Sustainable Global Parking System, fight for 30 days, return to original point of value, unearth the need and transcend yourself. 



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