Overseas Sales Manager



1. At least 8 years related experience in the field of intellgient transport system;

2. Team management experience;

3. Good oral English, TEM-8 is prefered;

4. Good at communication.

Salary: 20-30k monthly

Overseas Marking Manger



1. At least 3 years related experience at overseas markting position;

2. Have a good knowledge of SEO, SEM and Google Adwords;

3. Good at writing and make marketing plan;

4. Photoshop will be a great supprise.

Salary: 10-20k monthly

Senoir Technical Engineer


1: Junior college or above with minium two years work experience in e-commerce industry, computer science or related major is preferred;
2: Perfer has certain working experience on eBay, amazon and other platform interface;
3: Proficient in PHP development, MySQL database performance optimization, proficient in SQL and data structure;
4: Understanding of Linux administrative operation, and Apache, MySQL, PHP etc.  software compilation and installation and optimal configuration;
5: Familiar with XML, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, and so on basic knowledge of Web page, able to skillfully use common PHP framework;
6: Good coding habits, logical clarity;
7: Good understanding and communication skills, proactive, have strong sense of responsibility, love to develop business;

Salary: 6-10k monthly

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