• 1How many parking spaces can one PDA manage?2014-12-30 A: Generally speaking, one PDA could averagely manage 15-25 parking spaces at least.  The specific management number is decided by occupation degree of park space, prosperity degree of parking region, vehicle flow and the frequency of park space’s rotation. The number of managing park spaces which is Charged by PDA will be much more than it is charged by people. 
  • 2Now our barrier gate parking lot management is very mature. However, some of parking lots have too m2014-12-30 A: Yes, our customers face the same problems as yours. Our PDA could work in with barriers gate to manage parking lots together, that is very effective in the roadside parking management for it is open type parking lots. 
  • 3how long does the battery could last?2014-12-30 A: As for battery life, this is lithium battery which is general in this industry. And what we choose has the longest utility time. Generally, the utility time of battery is 8 hours and stand-by time is 12 hours. And our device are equipped with double electric and double charge, so it could meet the needs of the practical use. 
  • 4how many receipts can be printed by the print paper in device?2014-12-30 A: The length of paper is around 8 meters. The number of receipt could be printed depends by the length of the content you print. The backstage could be set according to customer’s requirements. The common receipt is around 5 cm. So, one printed paper could print more than 100 receipts. It could manage and charge about 60 vehicles. Of course, it will be different according to the content you set.
  • 5what is the advantage of the model BPB-700?2014-12-30 A: BPB-700 is specially developed for city road parking management. It is the upgraded product with high cost performance which is developed after summarizing the advantage and disadvantage of BPB-100 used in project. It has many advantages, such as high configurations which is far beyond the other similar products in the market, convenient build-in printer, easy to carry, clear screen in the strong light, battery with the large capacity, dustproof, waterproof and anti-drop function, and by voice prompt, loud audio would very helpful for toll collectors who has poor eyesight and at low education to do the charge operation. 
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